We're losing perspective on 3D CSS

Over the last few months we've seen quite a few interesting demos in 3D CSS. Some offer really nice UI interactions, others are built just to show us the capabilities of modern browsers blow our minds. Since last week another exmple could be added to this list; Tridiv. Julian Garnier built this 3D CSS editor that has tons of features, and it's looking really really good! My initial reaction when I first saw Tridiv was one of pure amazement. But I also started to wonder; with these extreme examples, are we taking it too far? How far should we push this 3D CSS thing? Christian Heilmann said about Tridiv on Twitter: '... webkit only, deep in the "can do, but should you" camp'.

3D CSS presentation and interview

Since I've been using 3D CSS quite a lot on Foldable.me, I figured I should perhaps share some of my experiences by giving a presentation about it. So my first ever conference talk was in October 2012 at FOWA in London. After my talk I sat down with Martha from Awwwards who wanted to interview me about the technology behind Foldable.me. You can find the interview on the Awwwards blog. Sadly there was no video of my talk at FOWA publicly available, so there was only one thing I could do... So in January 2013 I went off to TakeOff Conf in Lille to give another talk about 3D CSS. This one was recorded and published for free, so here it is.

Coffeescript is Afrikaans Javascript

A while ago I met a few Afrikaans speaking people, and found out that (being Dutch) I was able to understand them pretty well, despite the fact they were speaking Afrikaans. Afrikaans is one of the newest West Germanic languages in the world and is primarily spoken in South Africa and Namibia. The Dutch commander Jan van Riebeeck founded a new colony in 1652 near today’s Cape Town. Since then the Dutch language that the inhabitants spoke started to evolve and developed itself into a new language. This happened because of the influences of other languages that were spoken in South Africa at that time. About 90-95 percent of the Afrikaans vocabulary is of Dutch origin.